EECS 285: Practical Programming in Java

Fall 2020

Introduction to the Java language, with graphical user interfaces and mobile programming in Java. Build an object-oriented game simulator, a playable graphical game, and an Android application.

See the syllabus for all the details.

For live lectures on Zoom and recordings, please visit the course's Canvas page.


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Day # Lecture Topic Deadline
Wed 2 Sep 1 Introduction and Basic Java
Wed 9 Sep 2 Classes and Objects
Wed 16 Sep 3 Enums and Inheritance Project 1 due Fri 18 Sep 8pm
Wed 23 Sep 4 Inheritance and Polymorphism
Wed 30 Sep 5 Arrays and Exceptions
Wed 7 Oct 6 Interfaces, Nested Classes, and GUIs Project 2 due Fri 9 Oct 8pm
Wed 14 Oct 7 GUIs II
Wed 21 Oct 8 GUIs III and Design Patterns
Wed 28 Oct 9 Generics and Collections
Wed 4 Nov 10 Input and Output Project 3 due Fri 6 Nov 8pm
Wed 11 Nov 11 Android
Wed 18 Nov 12 Android II Project 4 setup due Wed 18 Nov 8pm
Wed 2 Dec 13 Android III Project 4 due Tues 8 Dec 8pm


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